Best Five Tips And Precautions For Cleaning Air Ducts And Fireplaces

Air duct cleaning and fireplace require regular cleaning for the betterment of your family and your home as well. Always prefer the professional air duct cleaning services, because they have specialized skills and instruments to check up the key areas of the chimney and properly do healthy cleaning. Professional and expert technicians do their best to provide a healthy environment for your family. But if you are confident enough to do the cleaning by yourself and save the money, then here are some tips which can help you for better cleaning and maintenance:

Do the initial examination:

First and most important step is to cool off the fireplace and chimney. This task takes maybe a day to settle down the dust particles. Before the inspection, always wear a mask to protect from dust particles that can harm your lungs. Wear gloves to save from germs and infections. During the initial examination, if the waste is only a thin layer, then the cleaning is not required , and if the density is more than a thin layer, then the cleaning is required, and you can scrap it with a metal tool or flue.

Remove logs and debris:

Before you start clearing the logs and debris, it is advisable to use tarpaulin or newspapers or a cloth sheet to cover the hearth and then start removing the logs and then scooping all the debris with the help of a dustpan. After clearing it, use a hard and flexible brush to sweep it.

Inspect for ant obstruction from outside:

Check if the chimney is covered with the lid to prevent from animals, leaves or rainwater entering the chimney and also check for any tree branches hanging over, if so then get them chopped off.

How to use a cleaning solution:

First of all choose a good cleaning solution and spray it over the walls, it's better to start in the descending order and leave it for a specific amount of time. After that, do the scrubbing if required to otherwise wipe it away.

Wash off and clean up:

After scrubbing, wash off the walls and floor with clean water. Use paper towels or cloth to wipe after that, pick up all the newspaper and tarpaulin and dispose of the waste. After the whole process, you can keep all the things back into their place and the fireplace is ready for the next use.

So, therefore, If you need cleaning badly the air duct from the vent then always prefer the professional and expert air duct cleaning services. You will get the fresh and healthy air for your family. Always prefer those companies that provide the best customer services at your place. Quality cleaning at a reasonable price provides happiness to your face.

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